Auriga ePayment has entered into cooperation with PayPal with the aim of offering e-merchants and consumers a wider range of payment methods.

With more than 15 years’ experience, Auriga ePayment has the experience and knowledge to manage all global currencies and offers card payments, direct payments, order payments by phone, mobile payments, flexible card payments, billing solutions and wallet solutions.

PayPal belongs to the last-mentioned category. It works like an e-wallet and supports 24 different currencies, enabling our customers to sell products and services in 190 countries and regions with Auriga and PayPal.

“With PayPal’s and Auriga ePayment’s customers in mind, we see this as a strategic partnership that we feel very confident about. We hope our customers will be able to increase their sales by offering one further payment method,” says Anders Berggren, Product Director at Auriga ePayment.

The partnership is aimed at creating a uniform interface for payments, enabling customers to select their payment method on a single payment selection page. The payment services will complement each other to increase the range of simple, secure and flexible e-payment solutions available to customers. The agreement will initially cover the Nordic region. The solution is flexible, adapted for new, complex payment methods and international payment flows, and can be used from a computer or mobile device.

“This partnership is unique, as two payment providers with similar payment services are choosing to work together for the benefit of customers and consumers, through a single solution,” says Anders Berggren.

“At PayPal we are happy about the partnership with Auriga,” says Jean/François Rochet, General Manager for PayPal in the Nordics and Eastern Europe. “Recently PayPal has strengthened its position in the Swedish market considerably, so offering PayPal as a payment alternative is a strong advantage for Swedish e-merchants, just as it has been for a long time in the international market. Together with Auriga we will be able to provide many merchants and customers with an easy-to-access service and secure payment experience.”

For more information, please contact Auriga ePayment:
Anders Berggren, Product Director Auriga ePayment
Telephone: +46 (0) 8 466 42 00

For more information, please contact PayPal:
Erika Abramsson, Text 100 PR för PayPal
Telefon: +46 (0) 8 545 51 456