Auriga’s new software ATC for POS-integrated card payment is now approved according to PCIs security standard called PA-DSS. ATC is the first payment application i the Nordic countries which is certified according to this standard. Furthermore, a chip and PIN pilot-store was set up and been running succesfully for a couple of weeks.

approved according to PCIs security standard PA-DSS. With that, ATC is the first payment application in the Nordic countiries which is certified according to version 1.2 of this security standard. PA-DSS, Payment Application Data Security Standard, applies to companies developing software products which are involved in card payment, in other words applications which handle, store and transmit card data in connection with authorization, clearing and settlement. By a yearly audit, it is verified that 14 requirements related to protection of card data are fulfilled.

Auriga’s ATC is a software solution for handling card payment in stores, restaurants, hotels and unattended environment like vending machines. ATC interacts with the sales application, the chip and PIN-terminal and Auriga’s host systems and keeps track of all stages of transaction handling. Card data is protected by encryption or truncation in the terminal and SSL is used for authentication towards Auriga’s host systems.

ATC has been in production for 2 months
The first ATC installation has been running successfully in a pilot store in Stockholm for 2 months. ATC communicates with the chip and PIN-terminal according to the Swedish iPOS-standard, using Hypercom P-2100 for attended environments. Hypercom K-1200 and H-2210 will be used for unattended environments.